We all have our hobbies. Some people collect stamps. Others play squash. And some read mystery novels. 

Peter’s hobby? Planning American infrastructure. 

For his entire time in public life, Peter’s been an unwavering champion for our nation's infrastructure, studying the details of everything from the solar panels to superconductors, air traffic control to green concrete. In Congress, he used that extensive knowledge – and the passion behind it – to push for legislation that benefits all Americans.

Despite facing opposition from some extreme Republicans and apathy from some distractible Democrats, he stayed true to his vision, fighting year after year to get Congress to finally devote time and resources to updating our nations roads, bridges, ports, public buildings, information cabling, and energy architecture.

Thanks to his leadership, Congress passed the groundbreaking (literally!) Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill in November of 2021. This historic bill is already creating good-paying jobs, investing in American workers and manufacturing, and restoring the United States as a leader in clean energy and transportation. It's a monumental step towards a brighter and more sustainable future.